When to Start Packing and the First Stages of Moving

After you have made all the planning and preparations that were talked about in our previous post, you have to start thinking about the initial steps of moving and getting everything ready. In order to have your mind clear for this, you need to make a list of all the people, institutions, and organizations that you need to notify and pay attention to your mail at least 2 months before your move.

Be well organized and don’t lose focus during those few months. It’s tough, but possible if you put your mind to it. Take the list we have comprised below and get to work on it.

  • make a moving listDental and medical records
  • School records (they need to be presented to the new school where your child will continue its education)
  • Automobile documentation (registration, license and insurance)
  • Bank documentation (accounts, financial records, deposit box contents)
  • Pet records (immunization and medical documents)
  • Credit cards
  • Home or rental insurance
  • Mailing address
Start packing!

packing tips when movingYes, nobody likes that, but we haven’t invented an app for it yet, so take a deep breath and get to work.

To get your children more involved and exploit them for free labor – try making the packing process fun for them. Set small goals, and make them do drawings and decorations on the boxes to stimulate some creativity and get everything properly organized at the same time. Here are some more useful tips:

  • If you don’t have anti-shock packing – use pillows, towels and old t-shirts
  • A good method of separating dishes is using paper plates between them
  • For other fragile items – use damp newspapers as they take the shape of the protected item while they are drying
  • Pack sheets and other basic items in a separate box for your first couple of nights in your new home
  • Fragile and expensive items like your TV should be loaded last so that you can unload it first and have something to do during the entire unpacking process.
The hardest step. Saying goodbye… with a bang!

moving out with a farewell partyDon’t wallow in tears because you can have a killer farewell party instead! Invite all your favorite colleagues, classmates, family members, and childhood friends to have a fun celebration, and depart by leaving smiles on their faces. Share pictures of your new house, and tell them about your new neighborhood and the dreams you set out to achieve!

The chance to give up on moving in the last moment due to sadness and dramatic emotions is the last thing you need when everything is settled and final. We think that this is by far the greatest advice that we have given you, so pay as much attention to this one as possible!

Our team hopes that you find these two articles helpful and useful for your upcoming move. If you are already planning how things are going to work out, feel free to get in touch with David's Moving Company at (913) 370-4728! Our moving company offers a comprehensive service that aims to make the transition easier for you, by taking care of key steps, and most importantly – do all the heavy lifting and transportation! Give us a call soon!


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